every drawing that a drew was never as c

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so i went to chruch this morning.
and it felt really nice to do that.
because i havent in a long time.
taryn and i are going every week from now on.
every drawing that a drew was never as c

just remember to breathe.

so the fireworks were fun.
minus the 10,000 mosquito bites.
we had perfect seats
sitting on a rock right by the water at the river.

it couldve been a little better
but sometimes you just have to restrict yourself
for your hearts sake.

after we all went to megs.
where people were obnoxious
and drunk.
i hate how people can turn into assholes
when they drink.
not cool.

tonight im finally
removing the black/brown from my hair
and its going to be way lighter.
every drawing that a drew was never as c

i'll put a little sour in your sweet....

what a fucking day....
my english teacher is a moron...
my portfolio is due like asap...
im going insane....

"let's show them
how to live
accept the pain
always forgive,
watch the sun go down
and learn the sound
of following
all that's complete"

babysitting tonight is going to kill me...
if they are any later than they time they say im gunna freak out...

at least i have hanging out with cool kids to look forward to.....

except no plans for tomorrow night...
because im a loser....
and everyone else is busy....

let me know if you want to hang out....
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